Creating a better future for Asia with the initiative of Kitakyushu

Integrating Kitakyushu-initiated technologies and Japanese environmental technologies to promote carbon reduction in Asia through commercial projects

The city of Kitakyushu hopes to be referred to as the "Environmental capital of the world" and the "Technology capital of Asia." Being an EcoModel city (as certified by the Japanese government in July 2008), Kitakyushu has set a goal of reducing CO2 emissions city-wide by 50% and throughout Asia by 150% from 2005 levels by the end of 2050. As part of efforts to achieve these goals, Kitakyushu has established the Kitakyushu Asian Center for Low Carbon Society in June 2010, to act as a core facility dedicated to vitalization of local economies through a commitment to carbon reduction projects in Asian societies.


Brochure of Kitakyushu Asian Center for low Carbon Society

Our Missions and Functions

Assist technology transfers

Develop specialistsConduct surveys and researches,and release information