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A New Mechanism for a Low Carbon Asia

Development scheme for the export of urban environmental infrastructure

In addition to the transfer of technology and plants, newly emerging economies that are facing unprecedented growth are also seeking to develop as green cities (eco-friendly or sustainable cities), or so called eco-cities and smart cities. The Center uses intercity cooperation frameworks and the Kitakyushu Model to create green cities that meet the varied needs of Asian countries and promote the export of urban environmental infrastructure.


Comprehensive urban solutions using the Kitakyushu Model

Use of the Kitakyushu Model

The Kitakyushu Model systematically arranges information on the knowledge and environmental technologies of Kitakyushu from its experience in overcoming pollution to its quest as an environmental city. The Kitakyushu Model is used to develop customized master plans to create sustainable cities that meet the needs of Asian cities, and for the export of green cities (eco-friendly cities).

Application merits

Watch the video about the Kitakyushu Model

An easy-to-understand explanation of the Kitakyushu Model and how it is used

Methodology of Sustainable Urban Development -Kitakyushu Model-(12min)

Introduction of environmental technologies, services, and environmental infrastructure in Kitakyushu City, which were featured in the Kitakyushu Model.

Green Showroom Kitakyushu Model(32min)

Export of Green Cities(Case of Surabaya)

The export of the green city concept to the city of Surabaya in Indonesia is one of the Center’s most important projects. Activities have been developed in various sectors, such as waste, water and sewage systems, energy, and urban development, in order to create a model for the export of green cities. These activities are used to formulate a comprehensive urban development plan that incorporates both the creation of a social system and changes in public awareness, and which is based on a “green” and “low-carbon” perspective