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Main services that can be provided

Key services that the Asia Low Carbon Center can provide to companies

Packaging of technologies, etc.

In cases where the available technologies of individual companies are not sufficient to meet overseas needs, we support the promotion of sales overseas by promoting collaboration among companies, such as combining the technologies, equipment and products of various companies and adding maintenance services.

Technological Improvement to meet needs, etc.

When companies need to improve their technologies and products to meet the needs of the Asian region, we will support them in improving their technologies and products by connecting them with universities and other research institutions and industry-academia collaboration organizations.

Marketability study

When companies need to investigate the applicability and economic feasibility of transferring their technologies and products to the Asian region, we provide support through the Kitakyushu City Environmental Future Technology Development Subsidy (FS Research) and the Antenna Shop (Dalian).

Support for technical demonstration

When a company needs to conduct a technical demonstration to verify the performance and effectiveness of its technology or product in the Asian region, we will mediate with the location where the technical demonstration can be conducted, such as a factories etc., through the government agencies in the city and their networks.

Backup for grant applications

(We provide advice on subsidy applications,) when a company applies for subsidies to national or public organizations such as JETRO or NEDO.

Financial and information support

In cooperation with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), we will provide companies with information on environment-related business overseas, and in collaboration with regional financial institutions, we will provide financial support for companies to expand their business overseas. (Co-financing between JBIC and regional financial institutions, use of trade promotion loans, etc.)

Business support by overseas offices

Through our overseas office in Dalian, China, we provide support to companies that are considering developing environmental businesses in the two cities in a variety of ways, that include establisning links with the government and finding partner companies.

Dispatch of business missions

Business missions are dispatched to the Asian region on a regular basis to identify needs, conduct business matching, and provide detailed follow-up on projects that are likely to develop into business-to-business transactions in the future.

Development of business support tools

To facilitate increased cooperation among companies, we will create a database of low-carbon technologies, mainly from companies in the city, as well as an environmental map that will be useful for companies considering business development in the Asian regions, that includes local information on the environment and environment-related legal systems in Asian countries and regions.