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Hiroshi Komiyama, Director, Kitakyushu Asia Center for Carbon Neutrality (Former President, University of Tokyo)

Hiroshi Komiyama, Director, Asia Low Carbon Center (Former President, University of Tokyo)

There is now a strong need to solve the difficult problem of global warming ahead of the rest of the world, and to create a vibrant Japan.

The Kitakyushu Asia Center for Carbon Neutrality was established in order to respond to these issues through the combined efforts of businesses, citizens, governments, and local communities. In addition to exporting environmental technologies, the center provides support in terms of both hardware and software, including human resource development, with the aim of transferring to the Asian region a system that can be more highly effective by optimally combining these two aspects.

Through the activities of this center, we hope to spread the movement to realize a decarbonized society in Japan, Asia, and the world.