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Our Goals

Center Objectives

We aim to become a center for the "Asian Decarbonization Revolution" by actively exporting environmental and social technologies to the Asian region, transforming social systems, and creating new values and cultures.

To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions substantially while enjoying a prosperous life, we need to change our attitudes and reconsider conventional ways of living. In the field of environmental technologies, it is becoming more important to both develop new technologies that contribute to innovative environmental solutions and create new business models, as well as improve utilization of existing technologies. In the field of social technologies, the need for eco-conscious urban development through alternative energies will increase, while it also becomes more important to change our lifestyles and attitudes. The Kitakyushu Asia Center for Carbon Neutrality is dedicated to promoting technology transfers to Asian societies in the fields of environmental and social technologies, so as to promote social reforms, create new values, and facilitate cultural development. The Center is taking the initiative to promote a low-carbon revolution in Asia.

We have declared ourselves a zero-carbon city, aiming to achieve a decarbonized society by 2050.

Teitan,Black Teitan, © Kitakyushu City
Teitan,Black Teitan, © Kitakyushu City

On October 29, 2020, the City of Kitakyushu joined the national government in announcing its intention to become a zero-carbon city, aiming to "achieve a decarbonized society (zero greenhouse gas emissions as a whole) by 2050.

We are currently revising the "Kitakyushu City Action Plan for Global Warming Countermeasures" in order to realize a decarbonized society.

The Kitakyushu Asia Center for Carbon Neutrality will also promote concrete efforts to realize a zero-carbon society in the Asian region.

※The target values are being revised in response to the Kitakyushu Zero Carbon Declaration.