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Kitakyushu City SDGs Future City

About SDGs Future City

Among the cities and regions that are promoting basic and comprehensive initiatives in line with the SDGs, the government selects cities and regions that have particularly high potential to realize sustainable development through the creation of new value in the three aspects of economy, society, and the environment as "SDGs Future Cities.

Particularly leading initiatives will be selected as "Municipal SDGs Model Projects".

The selected municipalities are required to formulate and implement a three-year plan in cooperation with the national government. By disseminating successful examples of "SDGs Future Cities" and "Municipal SDGs Model Projects," we aim to deepen the process of local development.

As of June 15, 2008, 29 municipalities nationwide have been selected as "SDGs Future Cities," of which 10 municipalities have been selected as "Municipal SDGs Model Projects," and Kitakyushu has been selected as an "SDGs Future City" and "Municipal SDGs Model Project.

For more information on "SDGs Future Cities" and "Municipal SDGs Model Projects," please refer to the website of the Secretariat for Regional Development Promotion, Cabinet Office.

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Environmental Future city Kitakyushu

About Environmental Future city Kitakyushu

In December 2011, Kitakyushu City was selected by the Japanese government as an "Environmental Future City".

Kitakyushu has been a pioneer in addressing the issues facing Japan, such as pollution and the aging of the population, achieving remarkable results to date.

AWith a declining birthrate and a rapidly aging population, we will further evolve and accelerate our past efforts, including new initiatives, to realize a citizen-centered "city where everyone wants to live in" and "a city where everyone has vitality", under the theme of "a city with liveliness, comfort, and vitality where people shine in the community and city" - utilizing the experience of overcoming pollution and continuous innovation.

We will take advantage of the city's strengths, such as manufacturing technology, achievements in international environmental cooperation, and domestic and international networks, which have been cultivated by the citizens of the city, and work on "environmental response," "response to a rapidly aging society," and "international environmental business".

Eco-model city

About Eco-model city

In 2008, Kitakyushu City was selected as an environmental model city.

Specific proposals for global warming countermeasures based on the unique conditions and challenges of each city and region were invited, and cities that set high goals and take on the challenge of pioneering initiatives to realize a low-carbon society, including a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, were selected as "Environmental Model Cities".

A total of 23 cities were selected: 6 cities including our city in 2008, 7 cities in 2009, 7 cities in 2012, and 3 cities in 2013.

By steadily advancing the action plans of the "Eco-Model Cities" and significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of these cities, we will show a concrete path toward the establishment of a low-carbon society through an integrated approach and a vision for the future of Japan.